Monday, August 30, 2010

I keep on running, keep on running and nothing works..

Hey lovely people!

YAAAAY it's the holidays!! Well for me at least =) On friday I went to one of my engineering mates 21sts -yes it feels like I have been going to a 21st every weekend for the past month now! It was a lovely 21st with lots of warm fuzzies from the fambam and quite literally an hour and a half long speeches! I was rather slack and didn't get a picture of my outfit at all! So tear =( I just wore a blue silk dress with a drawstring waist and a nautical blazer and topped with ankle boots =)

Saturday was spent just shopping with one of my best mates Heather so I just kept the outfit uber simple (I'm also rather sick of my wardrobe, but too poor to buy new clothes? oh the problems of an unemployed student!) and just wore a loose baggy shirt, leggings and teamed with a black blazer. I decided to make the outfit a bit more interesting with a pretty multicoloured head wrap =) (again, sorry about my camwhoring with my outfits, as i've said, i always forget to take pictures of my outfits when i'm out xD)

Here's another one of me making heather take photos with me while she was driving. She did look at the camera a few times but then i think she got bored... and had to concentrate of her driving of course.. haha

On Sunday I went to brunch at the langham!! YAY! this had been on my wishlist for SUCH a long time but I never had the chance to go since I worked every Sunday! However after quitting my part time job I finally had the chance to go! It was really good and I was sooo full after I couldnt even had dinner that night! haha. Unfort I didn't really get many pictures of the food and whatnot cos I didn't want to look uber asian tourist. HOWEVER, next time I go, I will definitely take more pictures of the food and what not. PROMISE!! And hopefully this Saturday I will be going to high tea at the Stamford with my lovely friend Devika who has already featured in the blog. Photos will be taken! =)

In the meantime here are the miniscule amount of photos from the langham =)
Only managed one pic of the food which was like a hazelnut choc brownie thing and a choc lamington:

Me at the langham -yes i look rather cruddy but the scenery around me makes up for it =) Am wearing a beaded chiffon tunic belted at the waist to create a bit of shape, leggings and over the knee suede booties =)

and this is just a picture of the lobby of the langham -the grandeur of it doesn't really show up in the photo, but it is really quite beautiful =)

So with that being said, I'm currently still really sick! I have the worst cough ever and everytime I cough it sounds so demonic when I'm out people look at me weirdly haha. Hopefully my sickness leaves me soon and I'll be able to enjoy my holidays!!

Here's my face of the day today when I just went out to run some errands with my mum. Kept it uber natural and fresh looking. Is it me or does my hair look uber blonde in this photo?

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend =)

La fin
cafs, xoxo

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