Monday, August 9, 2010

Japanese Dariya Palty Hair Dye Review - Caramel Brown

So I finally made a video about my experience with palty hair dye review! To check it out visit:

However, cos the lighting from my video was rather bad I have decided to put up some pictures on my blog so that you can see how my hair looked when I first dyed it =)

My hair nowadays isn't quite so light however cos most of the colour has been stripped from my hair so it looks more like this now:

What are your thoughts about palty? Have you tried it? What colour did you dye it?

Hope you guys had a great day today! I finally got the arvo off from doing design work with my design group so it was fab to just be able to sit down and study! Nerd, I know! But anywhos, Stay cute

La fin
cafs, xoxo

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  1. lol i came across your blog from your youtube channel randomly haha :) i've heard of palty but i never tried it (idk where to get it lol). sorry to hear that the color faded a bit but it looked good when you had it :D ! let me know if you recommend any other hair dyes that work for like dark dark hair hehe