Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rando Update =)

Hey pretty people! =) So these couple of weeks have been super hectic with millions of tests and my semester long project being a pain in the ass! This week tho I did go to one of my lovely friends 21st dinner so I wore my topshop hello captain coat which I'm still unsure what I think of! It's sailor meet japanese school girl. Thoughts? I also just kept it real casual and just wore a stripey top with a high waisted skirt. I know I have an uber bad habit of not really taking photos when I'm out with my friends so sorry that half the pics are just of me cam whoring in my bedroom! Anywhos i hope you like them anyways =)

This is me and my gorgeous bestest friend in the world Devika! Please note her AMAZING karen walker coat she is wearing! Fashionista that girl is! <3

alright, so the restaurant we went to was called iguacu and they served amazing food! I had the prawn risotto and Devika had the jalapeno chicken and tortilla salad [i only took photos of our food and noone elses!] -why is it whenever i look at peoples blogs they always have these amazing artsy photos of their food but whenever i try to do so i fail miserably! oh wells!

also, uploaded another video onto youtube for a braided hairdo! check it out on

so anywhos hope you all had a lovely weekend!

la fin
cafs, xoxo

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