Thursday, August 26, 2010

To Dye or not to Dye?

So everyone time I dye my hair my mum throws the biggest spaz at me. She tells me that the more I dye my hair, the more frequent it will fall out (and cos i have very thin, fine hair, she thinks i'll go bald! haha), which I mean fair enough, dying your hair is rather damaging, but its also fun and plain black hair bores me!

My hair is currently an exciting [and rather gross] concoction of browns, blondes and black regrowth. All in all, it's yuck! Was thinking of maybe dying my hair this colour -

Its another japanese brand but unfortunately I have NO IDEA where to buy it from! [oh why does living in nz suck!] its called Lucido in a milk jam colour. What an odd colour to call hair dye! makes it sound very unappealing! but the colour looks so pretty on the model!

So because of the whole living in new zealand situation i may just have to opt for palty again which I'm not complaining about! This time round I think i'll use two boxes and HOPEFULLY it'll get rid of my blonde highlights! Fingers crossed! Dunno what colour to choose tho! they all are soo pretty!

So one more day until midsemester break!! Holding out for that as this half semester has been pretty pretty crappy!! Got two tests back yesterday and was just absolutely shattered. Managed to fail one of them and barely pass the other! I knew I hadnt done amazing in them but didn't realise I had done that bad either! But just one more day and then I can regroup and do better the next half of the semester. -What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? =) [**Cue stronger by Kanye West** yeah that's the only song I can think of with that kinda theme atm! Oh wait, Britney Spears -stronger! haha **starts singing**]

On a happier note, I finished reading The Carrie Diaries last weekend! For those of you who like sex and the city this will be a great read for you! It's quite the teen fiction read but give me anything with a soppy cute love story in it and I'll enjoy it! I'm a sucker for things like that xD

So I Hope everyone has had a better week so far than me and that their weekends are very exciting too!! This sunday I'm going to brunch at the langham so that should be a lovely affair and photos will come soon for that =)

Thanks for taking the time out to read my post =)
La fin
Cafs, xoxo

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