Saturday, September 4, 2010

pissed. super pissed

so after lengthy contemplation about whether or not i should get a haircut i finally did so today.

fuck, big mistake that was.

after wasting $79 i came out of the hairdresser with very short hair and an even shorter fringe. not impressed. now, i think i would be fine with it if my fringe wasn't so screwed up! it looks like an absolute mess and am very upset with the result! had a good cry bout it after as well which is never good. -I never really understood why people would cry over their hair in shows like antm, now i do (altho their hair actually looks good, they just aren't used to the length etc!) I suppose i just expect when u pay so much to get your hair done for it to come out good! the hairdresser asked me what i wanted, and i told her i only wanted 2.5cm's of hair cut off. she repeated this to me but obviously was on drugs when she cut my hair cos she literally hacked millions off. my once pretty long hair is now a layered midlength mess with a shockingly too short retarded fringe. hopefully my fringe will grow out a bit over the next few weeks and it will look semi decent. I think i'm going to invest in some hair extensions so i can fake my long hair again =) altho it won't fix my current fringe problem. and i can't wear it pinned up as a bouffant either cos i have a mega forehead. any suggestions? also, another thing i hate about hairdressers, why do they ALWAYS straighten your hair? my old hairdresser was uber good and used to curl it and make it pretty, but then she left. boo! i absolutely hate my hair being dead straight cos i have very fine thin hair so it makes my hair look soooo flat and lame.

I also bought some prettia milk tea brown (i think that's what it is at least!) the other day and was going to dye my hair, BUT after my uber bad haircut i don't think i could live with a bad haircut AND a bad hair colour! so once my hair grows out to a presentable length i will think about colouring it i reckon.

hope everyone elses days were better than mine.

la fin
cafs, xoxo

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