Friday, September 10, 2010

...You've got the love to see me through

So these past few weeks I've been feeling super down. A 'quarter life crisis' you could say. From not knowing whether I really want to be doing engineering for the rest of my life to seeing my friends being able to experience wonderful adventures or people just having super awesome goodies which I wish I had, it just kinda sucked. It was probably all these things which made me want to change my hairstyle, or 'reinvent' myself followed by extensive retail therapy which left me broke.

Now reflecting upon this, cutting my hair was a bit of a mistake [which I suppose I'm relatively over now] and shopping only temporarily filled in the void.

However, I've realised that there's no point in sulking in the things that could of been or what should have been. You can only look toward the future and ultimately YOU are in control of what happens. You make your own future and you can achieve anything you want. I've also learnt that you shouldn't be envious of others because even no matter how much you think someone has a 'perfect' life and nothing shit ever happens to them, chances are there is always something. It's a matter of learning to love yourself, knowing all those around you that matter love you, and that, is a pretty darn good reason to be happy and love your life!

Now I know I'm not a motivational speaker and am not that good at writing inspirational speeches, but I hope this helps =)

La fin
cafs, xoxo

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