Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ombre Hair = LOVE

Ever since I saw this trend, I've been absolutely craving to dye my hair like this. For those of you that don't know what ombre hair is, it's basically when you have darker roots which fade into a lighter hair colour at the bottom. Normally a caramel ish brown to a blonde at the bottom. Done right I think it looks absolutely gorgeous and will definitely be very on trend for spring and summer. At the same time, if not done right it can just look like super ratty regrowth. It's meant to be like end of summer beachy surfy inspired hair.

I think it's absolutely amazing and am wanting to try and DIY it myself and achieve this look. Hmmm... could be very risky although at the same time not so keen on paying a couple hundy for the hairdresser to do this for me. I also have the fear that I'll just look like a super asian with ratty regrowth since blonde hair is super abnormal on asians. What are your thoughts? Love it or hate it?

La fin,
love cafs, xoxo


  1. Hey,
    I loove the ombre hair too.
    I m planning to dye it this week.
    I ve never dyed my hair before, but for this look, I ll do it. Im planning to dye it like Jessica Simpsons, to start with. And if I like it I d go blonder.
    But Im also scared to look like a typical asian with regrowth. But I think if you dress well enough, it wont look cheap.(also I have a haircut kinda like Alice Dellal, so Im not that typical asian look a like :) )
    if you want I ll tell you how my experience was when I get it?

  2. Hey! I' m so sorry I didnt reply sooner. But I have several blogs and I dont go on that one blog that much. Sorrys! BUT I HAVE dyed my hair. Well I went to the hairdresser. What a misstake! I paid 50 dollars and all she did was bleech my hair. Some places it looks ok but other places it looks horrible! I m going back to another hairdresser tomorrow to dye it brown.. cuz it s really ugly. I must say, I have read a lot of do-it-yourself-tutorials for this kind of hair. But we mussn't forget that we have asian hair and that really works diffrently. But I still love the hair..I will do everything to make it work . it just has to.. I ll keep you updated :)