Saturday, September 11, 2010

my current craves

So I'm one of those people that once they buy something, they contemplate for hours on end whether or not they actually like it and whether they should return them or not.

Today i bought these AMAZING [well in my eyes anyway!] suede wedge booties from rubi shoes. Now, it's not that I don't like them, it's more the fact that I may possibly only wear these once due to the fact they are quite the statement piece and I couldn't possibly wear them everywhere... could i? I used to HATE wedged shoes with a passion, but now i freaking love love love it! These are the shoes that I bought in the taupe colour. However, I'm also digging the black ones a lot too! Which do you think is prettier? And should I even keep them? Unfortunately I've taken in my camera to get fixed atm so my boyfriend has lent me his camera however he forgot to give me the usb cable to go along with it so I will upload photos of me in the shoes when he gives it to me. So in the mean time, I present the shoes from off the website lol.

and here they are in black:

Ever since i saw rumi from fashion toast in the dolce and gabanna slingback wedges I have been in love with them! They are simply delicious! I love wedges!

Other things I am absolutely loving at the mo are statement jewellery pieces. I love the fact that jewellery can transform any outfit and make even the most plain outfit spectacular. I am especially loving chunky rings and necklaces!

Another must for me this spring/summer will probably be head scarfs [and no i don't mean in a muslim way] i love the way they create a boho carefree vibe to them. I especially want to invest in a leopard print scarf. Which brings me onto my next point. I love leopard print! Maybe its my inner cougar coming out but I absolutely love it! Used in the right way it looks chic and elegant [they had the suede wedge booties in leopard print too! but i think thats too extreme for me -altho do slightly remind me of the christian louboutin leopard booties which are also amazing!] If my bank balance gives, I will invest in exciting leopard print =)
Nicole Richie is definitely one of my style icons and is always rocking the headscarf look which I love!

Found another picture of Ashlee Simpson who also sported the look. I used to love Ashlee Simpson but not so much anymore. However I'm glad she's gotten rid of the red ish hair she had [as seen in this pic] and am loving her new hair colour!

Spring/summer to me will be about loose baggy tops/cropped tops and cutoff shorts! Please come see me soon Spring, I'm tired of the rain!

La fin
cafs, xoxo

Friday, September 10, 2010

...You've got the love to see me through

So these past few weeks I've been feeling super down. A 'quarter life crisis' you could say. From not knowing whether I really want to be doing engineering for the rest of my life to seeing my friends being able to experience wonderful adventures or people just having super awesome goodies which I wish I had, it just kinda sucked. It was probably all these things which made me want to change my hairstyle, or 'reinvent' myself followed by extensive retail therapy which left me broke.

Now reflecting upon this, cutting my hair was a bit of a mistake [which I suppose I'm relatively over now] and shopping only temporarily filled in the void.

However, I've realised that there's no point in sulking in the things that could of been or what should have been. You can only look toward the future and ultimately YOU are in control of what happens. You make your own future and you can achieve anything you want. I've also learnt that you shouldn't be envious of others because even no matter how much you think someone has a 'perfect' life and nothing shit ever happens to them, chances are there is always something. It's a matter of learning to love yourself, knowing all those around you that matter love you, and that, is a pretty darn good reason to be happy and love your life!

Now I know I'm not a motivational speaker and am not that good at writing inspirational speeches, but I hope this helps =)

La fin
cafs, xoxo

Saturday, September 4, 2010

pissed. super pissed

so after lengthy contemplation about whether or not i should get a haircut i finally did so today.

fuck, big mistake that was.

after wasting $79 i came out of the hairdresser with very short hair and an even shorter fringe. not impressed. now, i think i would be fine with it if my fringe wasn't so screwed up! it looks like an absolute mess and am very upset with the result! had a good cry bout it after as well which is never good. -I never really understood why people would cry over their hair in shows like antm, now i do (altho their hair actually looks good, they just aren't used to the length etc!) I suppose i just expect when u pay so much to get your hair done for it to come out good! the hairdresser asked me what i wanted, and i told her i only wanted 2.5cm's of hair cut off. she repeated this to me but obviously was on drugs when she cut my hair cos she literally hacked millions off. my once pretty long hair is now a layered midlength mess with a shockingly too short retarded fringe. hopefully my fringe will grow out a bit over the next few weeks and it will look semi decent. I think i'm going to invest in some hair extensions so i can fake my long hair again =) altho it won't fix my current fringe problem. and i can't wear it pinned up as a bouffant either cos i have a mega forehead. any suggestions? also, another thing i hate about hairdressers, why do they ALWAYS straighten your hair? my old hairdresser was uber good and used to curl it and make it pretty, but then she left. boo! i absolutely hate my hair being dead straight cos i have very fine thin hair so it makes my hair look soooo flat and lame.

I also bought some prettia milk tea brown (i think that's what it is at least!) the other day and was going to dye my hair, BUT after my uber bad haircut i don't think i could live with a bad haircut AND a bad hair colour! so once my hair grows out to a presentable length i will think about colouring it i reckon.

hope everyone elses days were better than mine.

la fin
cafs, xoxo