Wednesday, December 28, 2011

long time no see...

hello to anyone that reads my blog! (anyone.... anyone? haha) hope everyone had an amazing christmas and ate far too much for their own good! ;)

i swear to god i only update this blog once in a blue moon. partly because i am far too lazy and also partly because i never have any exciting pictures to put up on my blog.

So with that being said i will love you and leave you with a few random pictures ive taken off my iphone in the past couple of weeks :) lets hope i can get up more exciting pictures and maybe outfit posts on a more regular basis!

my outfit i wore for my 22nd birthday drinks, yes i am an old hag:

a collage/moodboard of things that inspire me:

midori shots taken for my 22nd weekend getaway: (haha yes i had two parties xD)

i love putting together outfits and styling things! loving bustiers and distressed shorts for the summer!

arm partayyyyy

danish cookies. cant stop eating them.

au revoir for now and hope everyone has a lovely new year! x

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fake Tattoos

For my review on fake tattoos check out my youtube vid here!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

america adventures photo montage

i always kick things off really strong, but with the follow through, not so much. so with that being said, i cbf writing about each day of my travelling adventures. and since a pictures meant to tell 1000 words, ill just upload some pictures of my travels instead for your viewing pleasure. I'll also be uploading an american vlog sometime this week so be on the lookout for that!
i will however mention some more memorable moments of my trip
*being hit on by a 40yo japanese man -and with my inability to lie on the spot, had to spend 40 mins sitting in a food court with him. -40 minutes of my life i'll never be able to get back!
*getting asked to take off my turban as i went through airport security
*getting told there 'wasnt much more you could take off' when i asked if i needed to take anything else off walking through airport security [lol this was a different time to the turban incident]
also excuse my oh so boring vacation outfits, staying on ur feet for 10+hours a day does not merit heel wearing activity, and it was so hot i didnt want to dress up at all. at least in ny it was. and when i got to sf it was freezing, and i pretty much only had one jumper. yep. enjoy.
Love lots, Catherine xx

Friday, July 8, 2011

America Adventures Day 1

Okay, So i know this isn't going to be everyones cup of tea, i'll probably be rude and foul mouthed, and probably ramble a lot, so feel free to not read and whatnot.. I just wanted to write in this diary entry so that I could remember it and also link my friends so that they can see what I'm up to in america! =) Sooo... here goes!


The adventure begins. Bright eyed and happy, i was dropped off to the airport by madre -who obvs doesnt love me enough to come inside with me, so a quick hug and bon voyage! So I get inside, and [for all of you that dont know, i wear contacts most of the time, but since the flight was so long my eyes would get dry] i was wearing my glasses.. and again, for those that dont know, im far too povo to go get my prescription strengthened cos id rather buy clothes and since im always in contacts anyway and when i wear glasses i dont need to read anything far away i never thought it to be that necessary to do so... Sooooo.. I get into all the checkin counter thingys and im just like what the shit, where is the air nz counter!!! I literally searched aimlessly for like 5 minutes for it, and was like omg i cant find it! it was a bit of blindness plus typical catherineness so obvs i couldnt find it. so in the end i just gave up and went to a rando counter. air lufthansa or something lmao. actually it went more like, i stood there dazed and confused, and the counter chick asked me if i needed help, so i proceeded to go up to her and ask her if i could check into an air nz flight there, where she kinda looked at me like i was on drugs and said no.. HELPFUL LADY! so i asked where to checkin and she was like.. ummm all those counters down there?? hahahaha what a dumbass i am!! there were like millions of checkin counters at the v end for air nz.. but i mean hey, they were aaallll the way down at the v end, thats why i couldnt find it. wow holy heck this is quite an insaneo ramble.

so now... onto the plane ride. i got my first taste of "unfriendly" americans when i was in the aisle of the plane waiting for my seat.. i didnt realise that my duffel bag was pushing up against some lady that had already been seated. So she said to me "Excuse me will u get ur bag outta my way?" lol geez a simple "excuse me would it be possible if u could move that?" would have sufficed! nevertheless i think she was quite a picky slash complicated lady because she then got moved to another seat by the air hostess cos she was obvs complaining.. phfst. hahahaha. oh yes,there was a hottie boy seating a seat away from me, with an exciting blue and white striped parisienne style top and like fancy boy quiffy hair. i think he was quite the fashionable stud [but most likely gay? i mean going to sf and look fashionabl? hahaha sorry #stereotype] unfort there was an old man sitting between us, so i was totally cockblocked by him. hahaah jokes, not like even if he sat next to me i wouldve talked to him. im antisocial. lmao. the plane ride was pretty good, minus the fact that being gumbus catherine, i took of my glasses, put them in my lap, and they managed to fall onto the ground.. --by this time they had made the plane relatively dark, to try make ppl go to sleep, so im like lookin around at a dark ground semi slash v blind trying to find my glasses. hahaha what a joke. asked the man sitting opposite me, he couldnt see them either xD luckily i realised they were under some ladies seat [lmao i know wtf right] so i had to be like "um hey... excuse me.. but.. my glassses are under ur seat.. can u get them for me?" lmao totes awks... fml im such an awkward gumby child!

Once I landed in SF, the weak bladder than i own needed to go toilet xD [aahaha tmi?]. and thus came my first challenge in america. THE TOILET WOULD NOT FLUSH!!apparently it was meant to sensor it automatically, but it didnt.. so there was a little side thing that side "manual flush" but I COULD NOT FIGURE IT OUT! literally spent like 5mins standing there trying to figure it out lmao. shameful to say, but i gave up and just left.. after now being in a lot of toilets in america [hahaha that sounds so gross, but totes not in that way xD] i am pretty sure that that toilet was broken... [or maybs im just trying to make myself feel better hahaha]. baggage claim took FOREVER. i was one of the last ppl to leave. obvs my america trip was not getting off on a good start. i may love america, but america did not love me.

Customs was a bit of a joke too, only person to get their bags checked? haha i must look really dodgey? or mayb its cos i had food, i like to think so at least. so he went thru all my belongings and stuff. good stuff haha.

When i got out into the arrivals, I contemplated trying to catch the train or other various forms of public transport, but those that know me know that i dont do public transport well... so instead i took a taxi. HAH big mistake that was, i was $40 out of hand by the end of it. fml sooo expensive!!

At least it took me straight to my hotel and i didnt have to find it myself! I get into the hotel and check in fine and stuff, and learning my lesson after that terrible taxi fare, then went and asked the concierge to book me a shuttle for the next night. This was my first experience of a nice american. Im guessing that all staff are just trained to be really friendly and whatnot. but he was a nice man hahaha. quote "sorry im taking so long, i just want to stare into those beautiful eyes of urs" [because i wear contacts]. it was a joke,but it was hilarious nevertheless.omg i cant believe im still describing checkin.. lmao.

sooooo... next dumb catherine thing alert. once i had checked in and stuff, i was handed the card and i was ready to go! so, my room was "1555" and at the elevators the sign showed 4 levels and what was on each of the levels. So i was like hmmm, its obvs not here, it doesnt have levels just saying "hotel rooms" or whatever. lmao. sooo, being silly catherine i just roam around up and down the concierge and entrance level trying to find some secret elevator or stairs to take me up to my room. no such luck. so i asked a couple that was going up in th elevator if they could help me find my room. the conversation went a little something like this

me: "excuse me,i was wondering if u could help me find my hotel room? i have no idea wher it is!!"

couple: "yeah sure thing, whats ur hotel no.?"

me: "1555"

couple: "its on the 15th floor..."

me:"yeah but how do i get there?"

couple: *looks at me as if im on drugs* "by the lift?"

me:"oh... sorry i didnt realise, i thought it only went up to 4 floors, since thats all it says on the plaque"

LMAO.and that folks, is the story of my life. lost little asian girl lmao.

I was meant to meet up with a youtube guru that day/arvo, so i had texted her and whatnot, and she said she would be there soon. so in the meantime i went to union square and explored macys, h&m, urban outfitters and forever21. at first i was sooo overwhelmed by the stores! i mean they are freaking huge! mind u i did go to the flagship stores on th&m and uo and f21, but still, heaaaaps!

After that i met up with Machica [aka yt girl aka MBallure] and her friends and they took me to Haight Ashbury where we thrifted and ate pizza, smelt weed in a store we shopped at [apparently haight ashbury is quite the druggy place] and saw random exciting gangster stuff. ahahaa. nothing too embarassing or awks to report there unfort.

Then we finished off the day by going to fishermans wharf where we had clam chowder from boudin -which was delish! they also make the cutest bread in the shape of animals!

Also went to the sweet shop and look at all the diff sweets and loitered around the outside of ripleys believe it or not haaha.

All in all, a pretty epic first day!

Then just got back to the hotel and managed to scab some free internet and tweet/fb and whatnot. got back into the hotel room and figured out how to use a coffee machine and set my room temperature to 90degrees fahrenheit. it was amaze xD

and that i think, concludes my first day! to anyone thats still reading.. you are AMAZE! haha


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hello my lovelies!
I know ive been super neglectful of this blog. hopefully once exams finish I will revamp my blog and start posting regular outfits!
Hope everyone's having a gorgeous day!
Love Catherine xx

Monday, March 21, 2011

Olivia Palermo

effortlessly chic

neutral tones.

pop of colour.

statement accesories.

i absolutely adore Olivia Palermo's style. It's so elegant and timeless yet always super on trend.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things I would kill to have...

Things I Love...
So i know i have been super neglectful of this blog.. but hopefully things will change soon! I am now on holiday and not working anymore so I should have time to get this bad boy back into action! =D
For now, here are a few things I am loving atm, if only I had the money to purchase all these lovely goodies!
Things featured:
T By Alexander Wang Classic Jersey Tank
The Row - Kevington Silk Blazer
One Teaspoon -Bleached Bonita Shorts
Jeffrey Campbell -Black Suede Mariels
Mulberry Alexa Bag
Tiffany Fleur de lis Key
Gucci Aviator Sunnies
Nars Laguna Bronzer
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Nailpolish
Wooden ships isadora turban from urban outfitters
Hope everyone's well =)
la fin,
catherine xx