Wednesday, December 28, 2011

long time no see...

hello to anyone that reads my blog! (anyone.... anyone? haha) hope everyone had an amazing christmas and ate far too much for their own good! ;)

i swear to god i only update this blog once in a blue moon. partly because i am far too lazy and also partly because i never have any exciting pictures to put up on my blog.

So with that being said i will love you and leave you with a few random pictures ive taken off my iphone in the past couple of weeks :) lets hope i can get up more exciting pictures and maybe outfit posts on a more regular basis!

my outfit i wore for my 22nd birthday drinks, yes i am an old hag:

a collage/moodboard of things that inspire me:

midori shots taken for my 22nd weekend getaway: (haha yes i had two parties xD)

i love putting together outfits and styling things! loving bustiers and distressed shorts for the summer!

arm partayyyyy

danish cookies. cant stop eating them.

au revoir for now and hope everyone has a lovely new year! x