Saturday, December 29, 2012 Whitney Bag

Hey loves!

I wanted to do a quick outfit post featuring the gorgeous Whitney bag from! Which folks, I will have a giveaway for soon!!

Thought I'd snap up the opportunity to wear my sisters Alexander McQueen scarf while she was in the country! I absolutely love it! The weather, or should I say sun, has also finally decided to finally come out to play! Hopefully it stays like that for a while! :)

bag: / dress: chiffon boutique / boots: rubi shoes / belt: glassons / watch: michael kors / necklace: diva / scarf: Alexander McQueen

Hope you all are well!

Btw - i've FINALLY figured out how to change my settings so that I can reply to comments! So please don't think I've been previously ignoring you guys! haha.

Love C xx

Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Year, New Plans

As the new year rolls in, and as I sit here typing (feeling a little bit cooler on my new MacBook Pro) eating almonds, cashews, strawberries and pineapple, and sipping on my green tea (living the life as you can see), it got me thinking to new years plans and resolutions.

In the past I've never been much of a new years resolution kinda person, simply because I don't think I've never kept any of my resolutions, but that doesn't mean you can't change right!

Next year, I really want to build up my blog and YouTube, blogging regularly on both! Along with that, the old generic "I want to exercise more and keep fit!" (apparently shopping isn't a sport), and to be a little bit more patient!

I also really want to figure out what I REALLY want to do next year in terms of my career.  I've been tossing up going back to university however currently decided not to.  But this might change within the next few weeks, or months. Keep this space open.

With that being said, what are your new years resolutions?

I'm sure you'll be seeing more blog posts from me, so I won't wish you a happy new year yet!! BUT MERRY CHRISTMAS for now!! Hope everyone has a lovely break, eats too much, gets a little bit too merry, and just loves life overall!!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wardrobe Essentials for Spring/Summer

Hi lovelies!

With the arrival of Spring and Summer just around the corner I thought I'd share with you some things I'm loving for Spring and Summer and hopefully wearing a lot of!

Yes my polyvore skills need a lot of work -I'll get better I promise. (Starting top left going anti-clockwise)

Summer Loves

  • My Michael Kors MK5055 -yep, pretty much a staple in my wardrobe. Nothing screams 'like a BOSS' than the boyfriend styled gold watch by MK, simply classic.

  • YSL Arty Ring -until the day I finally splurge on one (or they just go out of style) I'll continue wearing my replica one (you can find them all on eBay now I think). Its such a statement piece yet elegantly crafted. It's quite simply, love.

  • Alexander Wang Rocco -yes my eBay bag is still doing me wonders, however the actual bag would be amazing to have, especially with the rose gold hardware.

  • Jeffrey Campbell Tripoli Boot -is it a boot, is it a sandal? No-one knows! And that's the beauty of these! Loving all the buckles on it as it creates that biker meets western look. Ordered these babies and can't wait for them to arrive (I'm just praying to god they're the right size! After reading several reviews I sized up TWO sizes... yes I'm cray)

  • One Teaspoon Rollers -my obsession with one teaspoon will probably be on full blast in Summer time. Their shorts and dresses are just the cutest things and this number with the lace detailing is just too cute! If only they were mine.

  • Spiked Bracelet -my bracelet has been worn to death and its already tarnishing! But, I honestly love it so much, I love the fact how there arent that many spikes on it and they dont spike out when u wear it so its not so in your face as other spike bracelets, but still adds in that edgy feeling to an outfit.

  • Ray-ban aviators -"I got my Ray-bans on and I'm feeling hella cool tooooonight!!" That folks, pretty much sums it up. Aviators -so verstaile, go with everything and never go out of style. A timeless piece to have in your sunglasses collection, and its sure to toughen up any outfit.

  • Sheer shirts -This Spring/Summer will be all about the sheers! Chuck them on top of your bikini at the beach, or into some cutoffs with a cute bralet or bandeau underneath and you're good to go!

  • Neon Necklaces/Statement necklaces -adds in that pop of colour or just simply a 'Look at me I've got a huge necklace on and I don't give a shit!' vibe. Brilliant.

  • So folks, thats about it for a few things I'll be loving for Spring/Summer! What about you guys? What are your staple pieces that you'll be rocking? (Even those in the nothern hemisphere!).  Also, forgive my noobness, I still don't know how to reply to comments! If someone could let me know it would be greatly appreciated!

    Hope everyone is well!

    Love C xx

    Monday, August 27, 2012

    Inspiration: Bedrooms

    Hello blog and my lovely blog readers!

    I know,  I know, it's been forever that I blogged and you're probably sick of my saying: 'I'll promise to blog more!' so I'm not going to say that this time round but just get straight into my post :)  With Spring just around the corner and the amazing weather we've been having lately I've just been super inspired to create more videos, start spring cleaning, and also a crazy obsession with interior decorating.  Now if you guys watch my videos, you've probably seen part of my room.  That is, pretty much my whole room haha.  It's midgit and there is not much space to decorate at all, which is probably why I want to move out -purely so I can decorate, and also the freedom I'd have.  I think when it comes to interior decorating, my style would probably be: chic, minimalist and prints.  Here are some inspiration pictures I found on the net! Let me know what you guys think! What is your interior design style? xo

    Sunday, July 22, 2012

    Save your face

    So I haven't updated my blog in a long time again. I know, naughty Catherine.  Found a few rando pictures taken from my DSLR et al and thought I'd just share them with you -and they all seem to have me not looking at the camera, I guess its a blogger thing ;) (hahaha I totally do not have enough blogging cred to call myself that).  Also was super lucky enough to be featured in the birthday edition of Remix Magazine!! Will try to blog more, I'd love to be more active on blogspot, but I hardly have my DSLR with me unless I'm filming. Silly me.  I'll try, I promise!!! So until the next time I update this, hope everyone has an amazing day/week/month!


    Saturday, May 5, 2012

    (Two) Week(s) in Pictures

    Was on such a blogging roll... then somehow managed to stop! Don't know what I've been busy with for the past two weeks, but here are some pictures! oh.... and I graduated! YAY!

    jumping shots... obvi the best

    survived an 8km kayak! this is the pub we ended up at... haha

    the city always looks the best at night, played around with some cray cray galatic filter

    yummy entree

    our mains! chicken (don't remember what Tim's main was called!) and hot lava prawn

    as above

    japanese lunch box

    satay BBQ pork noodles

    my ombre fur vest that my lovely bf got me

    photoshoot with remix mag

    tank and company.  been addicted to tank juice recently (also after purchasing this mag, totally realised the mag was from march?! i bought it in april!! grrr haha)

    hood and trencher for graduation!

    being silly in my fur haha. "eskimo" as bf would call it

    the tattoo i wish to get

    comparison of my bfs $220shoes vs my $32 shoes. ridic. haha


    whaddup graduate!

    arm candy with my new spike bracelet!

    Mostly taken from my instagram. Follow me

    And that folks is it for the past two weeks or so. Nothing new to report! Will be uploading a review video and april haul video very soon (once I film it) haha.  Realised this was quite a photo heavy post.  But I figure why read Catherines rambles when you can look at photos instead?

    Love C xx

    Sunday, April 15, 2012

    Week in Pictures / Latest Buy

    Wow two blogposts in one day, I must be on a roll.

    Now this will be my first 'week in pictures' post and contemplating whether I should even upload it. But then I thought, heck why not! I promise they WILL get better! Mainly just me being a terrible photowhore and showing u my outfit etc. Thought i wouldn't use those photos that I did in my previous post so this one is rather uneventful -or more like event lacking.

    Left - Right, Clockwise. Some random outit, One of the dishes at yumcha (if you've never been to yum cha before u should def try it! -one of my fav things!), me being a terrible camera whore haha, the back of my outfit, the front of my work outfit, and a pretty rose :)

    I'm so glad I got that leather skirt, I swear I have worn the crap out of it! (Pretty sure I wore it 4 times this week haha)

    I also met up with the gorgeous kim from CheeKsterr08 (check her out on youtube! and her friends and we had some coffee and just did a bit of browsing in Mac. I swear if I lived in America I would buy half that store. I've always been into pink lippies and tried on pink nouveau today! Its quite a bright in your face pink which I really like... What are your thoughts on this colour? Should I purchase or not? [Excuse the non smiley angry pose, I must be an angry child haha]

    I naughtily enough bought a top *hangs head in shame* but in my defence it was on sale for 29.99 down from 119.99 from witchery! I love it as its so different to anything I've seen at the shops -it'll be a great layering piece in winter and autumn and great with a bandeau underneath and cutofs for summer! -I feel like this piece will definitely last throughout the seasons with me! I love how it sits on me even thought it is sized 'M/L'. When I first tried it on I was like hmm... how would I ever wear this piece! but the more I thought about it (a short stint of putting it on hold for me as I coffee'd with Kim and co.) I decided to bite the bullet and buy it! -Lookout for a youtube vid as to how i style this baby in the near future ;)

    So I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Work for me tomo! Poop!! oh well, it pays the bills! -or in this case, funds my shopping addiction!

    Getting much more into blogging these days so hopefully I'll take more photos, and blog like twice a week at the minimum or something! I also want to play around with the layout and font etc of my blog :) I think minimalism is key :)

    With that, I bid everyone adieu.

    Thanks for reading another one of my rambles.

    Love C x

    Saturday Adventures

    Hello hello!

    So here I am with a new blog post!

    Yesterday me and the boyf just chilled for the day.. Ran some errands, went into the city and ended up having some amazing korean BBQ buffet for dinner -exciting cos you got to cook your meat yourself on a little stovey/grill thing! Needless to stay I was absolutely stuffed! Not full enough however to turn down some fresh fruit and berry crepes ;) (Everyone knows that dessert stomach is a different stomach right!!) All in all, a pretty good day :)

    top/dress - f21, faux leather skirt - glassons, boots - glassons, bag - ebay
    michael kors sunglasses - asos, necklace - equip

    a few pretty roses

    you'd think paying to cook your own food wouldnt be fun/delicious but it was!

    I'm a sucker for crepes! these were even better with fresh fruit!

    Might start posting up 'my week in picture' posts -but really it will be most of the stuff from my instagram(Follow me at 'caffaccino'!!), since I post most of the stuff on there! what are your thoughts? would you be keen to see that? (If noone replies i'll just take it as a yes anyway haha) Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! I'm off to enjoy the lovely sunshine :)

    Love C x

    Monday, April 9, 2012

    Forgive me father, for I have sinned

    Okay, I know I know, I am like a neglectful horrible mother, leaving my blog to fend for itself again. It is like a child that hasn't been loved, that will turn out to be a troubled teen (most probably getting knocked up) with mummy issues... but enough of my wack analogies, lets get to my blog post :)

    Now I've been craving a DSLR camera for the longest time. Thinking, 'Now if I had a DSLR camera, I would blog ALL the time!' Yup, blaming the fact I do not have a DSLR for not becoming an epic blogger when reality its just pure laziness. How shameful. So the other day I got super close to buying one, however my boyfriend decided to rain on my parade (god, what a douche! -Sorry Tim, just jokes! I love you really! haha) and said maybe I should really start building up my blog and blogging on a regular basis before justifying spending over 1.2k for something I might not always use.. Unfortunately his logic was totally sound and correct, so here I am, blogging and trying to post on a MUCH more regular basis -and who knows, maybe one day my child won't turn to drugs and get knocked up, but will instead turn out to be a mega genius and get a scholarship to Harvard? Oh a mother can dream. (Okay, enough of the blog being a child analogy, its probably getting a bit creepy)

    So this month I have decided it is definitely time to kick into saving mode. I'm thinking of either hitting Europe or America in Aug/Sep ish or maybe Taiwan in December... Maybe none of this will happen, but it definitely gives me the motive to save. Quote mother: "Catherine, if you want to go overseas you really need to start saving, I mean you already have enough clothes"... Thanks mother, I really already knew that. haha.

    Now for all those that watch my YouTube channel, you'll know how much I buy every month -probably enough for a family in Africa to survive on for life (yeah I don't know, that wasn't the best of my analogies). However, like Lindsay Lohan and being sober, the two just don't seem to go. Now I know we are only 9 days into April, but I have managed to only purchase one item -that being my biker boots. However, I, like Lindsay, fell off the bandwagon. Luckily I only bought two things (well three including an iPhone case). Now I know Mac is ridiculously overpriced in New Zealand (twice the price of that in America) but I could not resist! -Plus I hardly buy that much makeup, so why not splurge! I Got the gorgeous snob lipstick (satin finish for those that wish to know) for a whopping $40! For those that don't know the colour, it is this gorgeous pinky/lavender ish colour. The lighting in my room isn't very good so it doesn't really show the proper colour it is. (I'm sure you can google it and millions of pictures will come up! -Or you can 'bing it' -which I often like to say [hey what can I say? I like to root for the underdog, even tho I google] much to my boyfriend's disgust)

    I also got a pair of heels from Rubi Shoes for $30 on sale.. Yes i know, another sale item... *hangs head in shame* They remind me of the Steve Madden Gretta Heels but for a fraction of the price (although price spy: Dotti also have moreorless the same heels for 19.95!!! -unfortunately not in my size). Hopefully these babies won't be too bad to wear for work, they seem to be a little bit wobbly, but fingers crossed!

    And that folks, concludes my blog post. $75 down today but determined to get back on that bandwagon, let's see how that goes.

    Also hope everyone had a lovely Easter, ate too many Easter eggs, got too fat and now feel the need to go to the gym!

    Love you all and thanks for reading my rambles!

    C x

    Sunday, February 26, 2012

    Japanese Summer

    Thought Id just post up a photo of what I wore today :)

    Loving this jay jays kimono i bought! so airy and spacious!