Monday, April 9, 2012

Forgive me father, for I have sinned

Okay, I know I know, I am like a neglectful horrible mother, leaving my blog to fend for itself again. It is like a child that hasn't been loved, that will turn out to be a troubled teen (most probably getting knocked up) with mummy issues... but enough of my wack analogies, lets get to my blog post :)

Now I've been craving a DSLR camera for the longest time. Thinking, 'Now if I had a DSLR camera, I would blog ALL the time!' Yup, blaming the fact I do not have a DSLR for not becoming an epic blogger when reality its just pure laziness. How shameful. So the other day I got super close to buying one, however my boyfriend decided to rain on my parade (god, what a douche! -Sorry Tim, just jokes! I love you really! haha) and said maybe I should really start building up my blog and blogging on a regular basis before justifying spending over 1.2k for something I might not always use.. Unfortunately his logic was totally sound and correct, so here I am, blogging and trying to post on a MUCH more regular basis -and who knows, maybe one day my child won't turn to drugs and get knocked up, but will instead turn out to be a mega genius and get a scholarship to Harvard? Oh a mother can dream. (Okay, enough of the blog being a child analogy, its probably getting a bit creepy)

So this month I have decided it is definitely time to kick into saving mode. I'm thinking of either hitting Europe or America in Aug/Sep ish or maybe Taiwan in December... Maybe none of this will happen, but it definitely gives me the motive to save. Quote mother: "Catherine, if you want to go overseas you really need to start saving, I mean you already have enough clothes"... Thanks mother, I really already knew that. haha.

Now for all those that watch my YouTube channel, you'll know how much I buy every month -probably enough for a family in Africa to survive on for life (yeah I don't know, that wasn't the best of my analogies). However, like Lindsay Lohan and being sober, the two just don't seem to go. Now I know we are only 9 days into April, but I have managed to only purchase one item -that being my biker boots. However, I, like Lindsay, fell off the bandwagon. Luckily I only bought two things (well three including an iPhone case). Now I know Mac is ridiculously overpriced in New Zealand (twice the price of that in America) but I could not resist! -Plus I hardly buy that much makeup, so why not splurge! I Got the gorgeous snob lipstick (satin finish for those that wish to know) for a whopping $40! For those that don't know the colour, it is this gorgeous pinky/lavender ish colour. The lighting in my room isn't very good so it doesn't really show the proper colour it is. (I'm sure you can google it and millions of pictures will come up! -Or you can 'bing it' -which I often like to say [hey what can I say? I like to root for the underdog, even tho I google] much to my boyfriend's disgust)

I also got a pair of heels from Rubi Shoes for $30 on sale.. Yes i know, another sale item... *hangs head in shame* They remind me of the Steve Madden Gretta Heels but for a fraction of the price (although price spy: Dotti also have moreorless the same heels for 19.95!!! -unfortunately not in my size). Hopefully these babies won't be too bad to wear for work, they seem to be a little bit wobbly, but fingers crossed!

And that folks, concludes my blog post. $75 down today but determined to get back on that bandwagon, let's see how that goes.

Also hope everyone had a lovely Easter, ate too many Easter eggs, got too fat and now feel the need to go to the gym!

Love you all and thanks for reading my rambles!

C x


  1. eeeeh, love that lipstick! The only mac one I've tried is hue. oh and while we're at it. my third dream. own a collection of mac lipsticks just cos it will all look pretty together. yes. :) xx

  2. I love mac products :)
    this color looks amazing!

  3. Hehe your just too cute. Not gonna lie, I have DSLR and I still dont blog much. Im trying though. I just redid mine up and hope to keep up with it :) xx

  4. Not quite the DLSR but I recently picked up the Nikon L120 and am in love! the quality is great for basic blogging purposes and it was recently on special for $198! score!!

    Good luck with the endeavour to save- It's never fun, is it? :)

  5. Haha, totally had the same thinking as you about the DLSR thing... but my justification is that it's an amazing camera anyway and I'm only young once so I might as well catch it in HD!
    I bought a Nikon D5100 (I got the sort of 'mid-range' one instead of 'entry DLSR' because I didn't want to pay more money later on just in case...) and I only paid about $700 for it because I bought it online! Not sure how much shipping to NZ is but the website I got it from is :)

  6. hope you had a great easter as well :)
    i love mac lipstick and the shade you bought is so pretty but i bet it's really annoying that it's so overpriced in new zealand >.<
    and the heels are amazing! :) great dupe!
    in btw i think your blog is so lovely and I started to follow you, dear! maybe you'll have a look on mine as well :))


  7. Hi!! :)
    I really like your blog, I´m following you :D
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)