Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday Adventures

Hello hello!

So here I am with a new blog post!

Yesterday me and the boyf just chilled for the day.. Ran some errands, went into the city and ended up having some amazing korean BBQ buffet for dinner -exciting cos you got to cook your meat yourself on a little stovey/grill thing! Needless to stay I was absolutely stuffed! Not full enough however to turn down some fresh fruit and berry crepes ;) (Everyone knows that dessert stomach is a different stomach right!!) All in all, a pretty good day :)

top/dress - f21, faux leather skirt - glassons, boots - glassons, bag - ebay
michael kors sunglasses - asos, necklace - equip

a few pretty roses

you'd think paying to cook your own food wouldnt be fun/delicious but it was!

I'm a sucker for crepes! these were even better with fresh fruit!

Might start posting up 'my week in picture' posts -but really it will be most of the stuff from my instagram(Follow me at 'caffaccino'!!), since I post most of the stuff on there! what are your thoughts? would you be keen to see that? (If noone replies i'll just take it as a yes anyway haha) Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! I'm off to enjoy the lovely sunshine :)

Love C x


  1. Your just too stylish hehe :) Love the top and necklace :)

  2. I think you should do the 'my week in photos' even though i'll see them all on instagram! love your outfit (as always) and that crepe thing looks delish xx

  3. such a lovely outfit :) so edgy, girly but also kind of chic!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  4. love your style to death! and your country too lol!! :D
    that leopard top is gorgeous! greetings from Taipei! <3