Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week in Pictures / Latest Buy

Wow two blogposts in one day, I must be on a roll.

Now this will be my first 'week in pictures' post and contemplating whether I should even upload it. But then I thought, heck why not! I promise they WILL get better! Mainly just me being a terrible photowhore and showing u my outfit etc. Thought i wouldn't use those photos that I did in my previous post so this one is rather uneventful -or more like event lacking.

Left - Right, Clockwise. Some random outit, One of the dishes at yumcha (if you've never been to yum cha before u should def try it! -one of my fav things!), me being a terrible camera whore haha, the back of my outfit, the front of my work outfit, and a pretty rose :)

I'm so glad I got that leather skirt, I swear I have worn the crap out of it! (Pretty sure I wore it 4 times this week haha)

I also met up with the gorgeous kim from CheeKsterr08 (check her out on youtube! and her friends and we had some coffee and just did a bit of browsing in Mac. I swear if I lived in America I would buy half that store. I've always been into pink lippies and tried on pink nouveau today! Its quite a bright in your face pink which I really like... What are your thoughts on this colour? Should I purchase or not? [Excuse the non smiley angry pose, I must be an angry child haha]

I naughtily enough bought a top *hangs head in shame* but in my defence it was on sale for 29.99 down from 119.99 from witchery! I love it as its so different to anything I've seen at the shops -it'll be a great layering piece in winter and autumn and great with a bandeau underneath and cutofs for summer! -I feel like this piece will definitely last throughout the seasons with me! I love how it sits on me even thought it is sized 'M/L'. When I first tried it on I was like hmm... how would I ever wear this piece! but the more I thought about it (a short stint of putting it on hold for me as I coffee'd with Kim and co.) I decided to bite the bullet and buy it! -Lookout for a youtube vid as to how i style this baby in the near future ;)

So I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Work for me tomo! Poop!! oh well, it pays the bills! -or in this case, funds my shopping addiction!

Getting much more into blogging these days so hopefully I'll take more photos, and blog like twice a week at the minimum or something! I also want to play around with the layout and font etc of my blog :) I think minimalism is key :)

With that, I bid everyone adieu.

Thanks for reading another one of my rambles.

Love C x


  1. Is Witchery having a sale? :O!!! $30 for something in there is AMAZING! Good find!

  2. lovely blog and I adore your videos! you have an inspiring style! xox

  3. So pretty! LOVE the pink!

    ox from NYC!


  4. Loving your blog!
    You're such a sweetheart :)

    Love from Sydney!
    ps: plaese check out!

  5. Fabulous post! I just started following your blog & i absolutely adore it!
    This year I am trying to make my dreams come true.

    follow back, please & thank you <3 :)