Saturday, May 5, 2012

(Two) Week(s) in Pictures

Was on such a blogging roll... then somehow managed to stop! Don't know what I've been busy with for the past two weeks, but here are some pictures! oh.... and I graduated! YAY!

jumping shots... obvi the best

survived an 8km kayak! this is the pub we ended up at... haha

the city always looks the best at night, played around with some cray cray galatic filter

yummy entree

our mains! chicken (don't remember what Tim's main was called!) and hot lava prawn

as above

japanese lunch box

satay BBQ pork noodles

my ombre fur vest that my lovely bf got me

photoshoot with remix mag

tank and company.  been addicted to tank juice recently (also after purchasing this mag, totally realised the mag was from march?! i bought it in april!! grrr haha)

hood and trencher for graduation!

being silly in my fur haha. "eskimo" as bf would call it

the tattoo i wish to get

comparison of my bfs $220shoes vs my $32 shoes. ridic. haha


whaddup graduate!

arm candy with my new spike bracelet!

Mostly taken from my instagram. Follow me

And that folks is it for the past two weeks or so. Nothing new to report! Will be uploading a review video and april haul video very soon (once I film it) haha.  Realised this was quite a photo heavy post.  But I figure why read Catherines rambles when you can look at photos instead?

Love C xx