Monday, August 27, 2012

Inspiration: Bedrooms

Hello blog and my lovely blog readers!

I know,  I know, it's been forever that I blogged and you're probably sick of my saying: 'I'll promise to blog more!' so I'm not going to say that this time round but just get straight into my post :)  With Spring just around the corner and the amazing weather we've been having lately I've just been super inspired to create more videos, start spring cleaning, and also a crazy obsession with interior decorating.  Now if you guys watch my videos, you've probably seen part of my room.  That is, pretty much my whole room haha.  It's midgit and there is not much space to decorate at all, which is probably why I want to move out -purely so I can decorate, and also the freedom I'd have.  I think when it comes to interior decorating, my style would probably be: chic, minimalist and prints.  Here are some inspiration pictures I found on the net! Let me know what you guys think! What is your interior design style? xo